Q: How long it will take to fully charge Lens HD? And how long it take to clean a pair of glasses?

A: There is no battery within Lens HD, it is powered by type-C cable. Depending on the shape, the size, the thickness and the type of lens of your glasses, Lens HD will always clean your glasses around 1 minute.  

Q: Do I still need to wipe my glasses manually after my glasses is cleaned by Lens HD?

 A: No, you will not. The whole point of Lens HD is to let you worry free of your glasses, you will not need to wipe it clean or anything.

Q: When do you collect my address?

A: After the campaign ends, we will send out surveys to collect the address of our backers, and you can also change your reward tier or select your add-ons. Please wait for our update for the details.

Q: What is the best way to contact you?

A: Reach out to us by emailing to: lenshd@cardlax.net,  or Kickstarter DM. We are happy to answer all your concerns. :)

Q: Why do we need Lens HD? We can just wipe our glasses with our hands and cloth.

A: Ever since my first experience with glasses, cleaning it has always been a struggle for me. Making that process automatic has always been my dream, and so we did.

Q: Will the Lens HD  scratch my glasses? Or leave any marks on?

A: Not, it will not. Sponge covered with microfiber fabric, forming a double layer cleaning wheel. For maximum cleaning performance and maximum protection.

Q: My glasses is different from normal ones, will it fit in Lens HD?

A: Yes it will. We have left enough space for all type of glasses.

Q: Can I use it with sport goggles?

A: Goggles are not supported. As the shape of goggles are generally different from glasses.

Q: Will it snap my glasses?

A: Cleaning wheel has a sponge base, it will ‘bite’  the glasses tight, without scratching the lens, while maximizing the cleaning performance.

Q: How about the lens cleaner? Do I really need it?

A: Imagine you are hand wiping your glasses with microfiber cloth, you can either spray some lens cleaner for better result, or you can just wipe it. Same thing here, spray on lens cleanser will give you a better result.

Q: How many washes Lens HD can take before I replace the cleaning wheels?

A: You can take down the wheels and wash them! Just like you would do the same thing with your microfiber cloth.

Q: How long does a set of cleaning wheels last?

A: Our sponges have the same quality of makeup sponges which can endure a few hundred times of use.

Q: Do you required specific lens cleaner sprayer?

A: No, you can use weather lens cleaner you can find on the market.

Q: Can I cancel the pledge, or can I get a refund after the campaign?

A: We have to say sorry that we do not offer refunds once the campaign ends as we need the fund to produce our units. We appreciate your understanding of our policy and your support.